spirulite Multi-active Solid Mask

SKU: 2010002

Brand: Ayuna

A multifunctional bar to cleanse, renew and treat your body. Aside from cleansing the skin, exfoliating properties from the Natural Luffa fiber included within improve circulation and remove dead skin cells. The bar also contains calendula and spirulina extracts to address cellulite and dryness. Its delicious aroma from essential oils awakens sensations of harmony, transforming showering into a perfect beauty ritual.

Size: 175 g / 6.0 oz

Use weekly in the morning or in the evening. The shower is the perfect place to apply
SPIRULITE; perform the corresponding massage, leave on for a few minutes and then rinse off any remaining residue. It is not enough to simply apply the product and then remove it; a massage performed with the bar is one of the key elements of this ritual. Massage by performing circular movements on the abdomen and buttocks and ascending linear maneuvers on the rest of the body; it is important to pay special attention to areas like the knees and elbows by performing small circular movements. Rinse with hot water (although we recommend that the temperature does not exceed 31°C or 98.6°F) and finish the ritual with cold water to tone and stimulate Towel dry without rubbing excessively; it is best to pat dry. Follow by applying BODY CREAM using the same massage maneuvers previously described until completely absorbed.
For "sensitive or reactive skins”, extra care should be taken by soaking the skin with plenty of water prior to the ritual an