Hand Sanitizer with Aloe Vera

SKU: P52

Brand: Gel For Life


Gel for Life Hand Cleansing Gel with Alcoholic Solution

All the products in the line are formulated with ingredients designed for hand health and hygiene.

Broad spectrum antiseptic action:
• Alcohol (Ethanol) 70% v/v *
• Emollient glycerine
• Aloe Vera Gel with hydrating and soothing action.

The ethanol concentration 60-80% is proven to effectively kill enveloped and non-enveloped viruses as well as bacteria and fungi (PN-EN 14476, WHO/IER/PSP/2009.07)


Aloe Vera, an active ingredient that plays a key role in soothing the cute, restore the humidity and protect it from water loss for epidermal perspiration. Aloe Vera is a well tolerated ingredient ed also absorbed by those who have a skin more sensitive and delicate.

FDA Approved


We have a line of product dispensers that supply a premeasured amount of hand sanitizer to help prevent waste. They come in wall and floor models for convenient access and can also be filled with hand cream. They are commonly used in companies, hallways and doorways.