Antiseptic Wipe

SKU: AB200

Brand: Gel For Life

19X20CM, 6 ML, SINGLE Piece

The “Gel for life” Cleansing Hand Gel is characterized also by the presence of this active ingredient which plays an important role in soothing the skin, restoring a moisture balance and protecting from its trans-epidermal water loss.

All the products in the line are formulated with ingredients designed for hand health and hygiene.

Broad spectrum antiseptic action:
• Alcohol (Ethanol) 70% v/v *
• Emollient glycerine
• Aloe Vera Gel with hydrating and soothing action.

The ethanol concentration 60-80% is proven to effectively kill enveloped and non-enveloped viruses as well as bacteria and fungi (PN-EN 14476, WHO/IER/PSP/2009.07)


Aloe Vera, an active ingredient that plays a key role in soothing the cute, restore the humidity and protect it from water loss for epidermal perspiration. Aloe vera is a well tolerated ingredient ed also absorbed by those who have a skin more sensitive and delicate.