Varenna - Our Story



I’ll never forget my summer holidays with my mother, Nanda, in a small town in the north of Italy. Her elegance and taste for details has always inspired me. Since then, to me Como has always been the maximum expression of the Italian worship of beauty. An inspiration for the world’s most famous designers, Como is the capital for prints and designs, always leading the latest trends. Varenna is probably one of those unique places that really represents this way of understanding life.

 We are passionate people: passionate about fashion, and passionate about wellness. For me it was really difficult to understand why it was not possible to feel fashionable and at the same time feel extremely comfortable, with the highest quality in technical garments. This was the origin of, a vision of merging the latest trends with the finest Italian fabrics, to create the most sophisticated, made in Italy activewear.

Finally, Lake Como also must remind all of us the amazing world that we have, which we must preserve for future generations. At Varenna we will invest in Research and development in order to ensure the usage of fully recycled and recyclable garments. Stay tuned, because we really intend to disrupt and lead the way with this clear mandate from our young people. 

I would be delighted to hear from you, and receive your ideas and thoughts about how can we improve this amazing dream. I look forward to reading your emails! In the meantime, remember to always give the best version of yourself!

 Arantxa Gandini