How Angel Accent Works

Dear Angel Accent Fans, 

On the first of each month, Angel will recommend 6 different jewelry collections. Each collection includes at least three pieces of jewelry that can be worn during the day or evening. However, Angels goal is to provide you with jewelry that can be easily mixed and matched or be stand-alone pieces. You will have the ability to create endless looks. 

Select one of the collections within the first 15 days of the month and the Angel Accent team will ship your box for arrival before the end of the month. 

You will also be asked to make an additional selection. If Angel is unable to provide you with your first selection due to high demand of the particular collection, she wants to make sure that you receive your following selection, with a bonus gift. 

If you forget to make a selection --no worries—the Angel Accent team will select and send you a box from one of the six collections that are available for that particular month. It’s that simple! 

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