Gel for Life

GFL, an Italian Company History 

 It has been a long journey since GFL was born in a Milan basement in 1995 by two enthusiastic and young entrepreneurs: Guido Bonadonna and Luigi Rossi. Until 2011 the headquarter remained in Milan, but due to company growth and needs, GFL was moved to Lugano Switzerland where nowadays is. Nevertheless, the manufacturing plant persists in Milan, the city, witness the GFL birth, Milan is a sign of identity since it is a place where the company was initially created. This Italian origin becomes to GFL in a Swiss company that represents the true essence of Made in Italy. 

 The passing time, GFL has become a European well-reputed cosmetic manufacturer whose production starts from the principles of conservation and preservation what makes that GFL is always looking for innovative ways to reduce waste, to pursue sustainability, in fact, its maxima is “Design for sustainability” with eco-design pillars creating products with minimal environmental impact.  

 One of the secrets of its success resides in the high quality of its products, which is one of the reasons why GFL has been and is the official provider of skin and hair care products of the Four Seasons Hotels and other luxury hospitality.  

This big accomplishment in the luxury hospitality industry has led to GFL to jump into the retailer's industry and launch its own product line GEL FOR LIFE to be able to reach everyone. 

 A new line is born: GEL FOR LIFE 

 The launch of GEL FOR LIFE has coincided in the middle of the COVID19 scenario where health and protection are the priorities. GFL has not ignored that fact and has envisioned GEL FOR LIFE as a very special product to fight against spreading the virus and keep you and your family protected.  

GEL FOR LIFE has been made thinking of your skin and hair needs in this environment that surrounds us nowadays. This means that the GEL FOR LIFE purifying line is made with natural extracts from lemon, lotus flowers, tiare among others that help to moistures the skin and fight to age, oils such as the olive which oils have antioxidant power, and Ingredients of natural origin with a functional role on the skin, very delicate preservatives, and low concentrations. 

Also, to keep you protected from bacteria GEL FOR LIFE has been also formulated with very high sanitizing performance thanks to the presence of Chlorhexidine Digluconate known to carry out an antiseptic action with a broad spectrum of action. The molecular structure of chlorhexidine gives it an affinity for proteins of the epidermis and determines its rapid and persistent absorption into skin for deep sanitizing action.