About WearGrace


 WearGrace is a new collection of yogawear that resonates well beyond the confines of traditional athletic clothing. Transmitting the values of yoga practice into everyday life, the brand offers a deeper meaning to the products we buy and the clothes we wear. Weargrace’sfoundation embraces ancient wisdom awareness, yet each piece has been conceived for the reality and needs of an active, modern world. This approach creates an innovative duality where looking inward is just as important as the beauty that reverberates outward.

Rooted in serenity,Weargraceis intrinsically connected to the personal path of its founder, Karen Joyce. A high-powered fashion executive for 25 years, Joyce spent over 15 years with Gucci Group where she served as Image Director for brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and Alexander McQueen. This demanding, all-encompassing job finally took its toll both physically and emotionally. Joyce made a break, and after running her own creative agency for 5 years, started over. She traveled the world, and began to use yoga, meditation, and energy work as the new tools to create balance and meaning in her life.

Weargraceis an extension of this personal journey and a reflection of Joyce’s own experience in the fashion world. The pieces meet her own standards of personal style and are inflected with the insight she has gathered from holy corners of our earth. Devotionalwear from spiritual practices around the world, for example, have been studied and transformed into contemporary forms. Significance is laid in each chosen form, detail, color and material.Nothing is by chance.

The company itself is also calibrated on principals of kindness and giving back. Garments are made according to strict fair labor regulations and a percentage of profits are donated to Care and Share, an orphanage in India, where Joyce and her husband sponsor 3 children. Weargrace also collaborates with Mondo- Donna, an association supporting and educating immigrant mothers and their children in Bologna, Italy, where all online sales are hand wrapped, packaged and shipped with love.

On the mat, off the mat, for yoga, for life, with grace. Inspired by yoga. Designed for life. Made in Italy