After five years in the making, undercollar® was finally founded in 2018.  undercollar® provides an innovative, yet simple solution to collarless pets. Its new product line helps prevent lost pets with always-on identification collars that are worn by themselves at home and under harnesses and leash collars when exploring the world with their parents.

undercollar® is a comfortable, pliable, and easy to use digital pet ID collar system that is uniquely designed to be worn 24/7. Available in six sizes, products are specifically designed to fit almost any pet imaginable. Whether you have the traditional Husky that just loves digging under the fence and running away, or you have a vivacious potbellied pig that loves to bolt around the neighborhood.

The inspiration for undercollar was because one of Tracy Young, Founder and CEO at undercollar, own dogs named Hattie who escaped from her house and was hit by a car. "Thankfully, Hattie survived the accident because Hattie was wearing a homemade collar made by my sister. Her collar had my phone number on it, so I was contacted by a Good Samaritan who found her. If Hattie had not been wearing this collar, I may have never been reunited with her” Young affirms. Shortly after, Tracy did research on lost pets and according to the American Humane Association, one in three pets will become lost during their lifetime. This motivated her to design the most comfortable 24/7 ID collar to address this serious problem affecting pets.

She decided to create a sleek, elegant solution to help prevent lost pets with the world's most comfortable digital pet identification technology. "Our collars are designed to be always-on because pets don't usually wear their bulky, noisy collars at home and you never know when they're going to accidentally get free and escape. Our products help ensure that lost pets return safely to their families."

As an added layer of protection, undercollar has partnered with PetHub® to help reunite lost pets with their parents via on-collar QR codes that integrate with its extensive database. As a leader in modern pet identification, 96 percent of PetHub recovered pets are returned home in less than 24 hours.

Here's how it works:

  • Create a free pet profile on PetHub.com.
  • Link that profile to the QR code on pet's undercollar.
  • When your pet is found, the QR code clearly visible making it easy for your pet to be returned home with a simple phone app or by calling the phone number on the tag.