LottusseLottusse 1877 is a Spanish brand that specialises in the manufacture of very high-quality leather products. Items are designed and created for the most discerning consumers. 

Founded in 1877 in Inca, Mallorca, by Antoni Fluxá Figuerola, Lottusse is, above all, the story of a family that has worked within the values of “tradition, quality and knowing how-to” since the late 1800’s. It is no surprise that their crafts workshop is considered to be among the most prestigious and oldest in Europe, and the Goodyear Manufacturing System is the cornerstone for all the artisans, men and women, that work there.

On the strength of experience accumulated over almost a century and a half, the Lottusse House has seen its collections grow even beyond footwear, as they applied their unique vision and creativity to collections of exquisite handbags, clothing, and accessories. All the while, maintaining the values that have accompanied the company’s birth, growth, and consolidation, giving life and substance to superior, functional, and long-lasting items. 

Today, Lottusse is proof of its commitment to its more of 80 artisans, continuing the family tradition that is now four-generation rich, ensuring quality and, above all, with those who choose our brand to walk with them: their confidence in us is our greatest motivation and reason to feel proud.  

Lottusse craftsmanship has dominated the art of treating fine leather for more than 140 years. Shoes, bags & accessories made in Spain since 1877.

Lottuse would not exist without Mallorca, without the Mediterranean Sea, without Inca and without the 300 people who compose their workforce. Lottuses’ genuineness is based on the loyalty of its origins.

Personally wish ¡Buen provecho!