About Leigh ShoeCase



What do you get when you combine a business road warrior plus leisure travel enthusiast plus size 10 shoe lover? Meet LEIGH founder Tracey Cugno. A twenty-year veteran in broadcast sales and later owner of airport specialty retail shops, Tracey literally lived out of her car driving to meet with clients or work in her retail locations.

For years, I packed an overnight bag 1-2 times per week. Shoes in particular were challenging because I love having options, yet mine take up a lot of space. Add in that my schedule often changed last minute, packing was literally on the fly. So, I began to leave 2-3 sets of work clothes and shoes in my car to be ready for those situations. During one of these unplanned trips, I arrived at my destination, opened the hatch, and saw my shoes rolled all over my trunk. As I corralled each one, I kept thinking there needs to be a better way to pack shoes in a more organized way.

Soon after, I repurposed a bag I already had with compartments, and used this to carry my shoes for several weeks. I started showing my prototype to travelers at my airport retail locations, collecting feedback along the way. Over the next year, I felt confident that my idea could help fellow travelers. I rolled up my sleeves and spent the next two years fulfilling my vision of creating truly smart and stylish solutions to pack shoes, away from clothes. My hope is that a LEIGH bag eases your packing in ways that bring more joy (and more shoes) in the journeys ahead.

SincereLElGH, Tracey