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 From the HiO Gourmet selection, we are thrilled to introduce to the HiO clients the gourmet corner which has a slightly different concept of elite products with exceptional quality. This section is full of an exquisite variety of delicacy from all over Spain at our HiO customer fingertips without moving from home, ideal to gift, surprises your loved ones, and treat yourself. 

The taste of Spain has arrived here to stay and bring a smile to people’s faces, a palatable hug, a connection to a loved one even though you may not be with them, a moment of nostalgic comfort and craving from a beloved food memory. We believe that food brings people together, so HiO Gourmet selection has wanted to create a place that connects people with their greatest food memories, experiences, and desires. 

Most HiO Gourmet customers are those who seek something different and better than what was available in their usual grocery store or big box store. This is the reason why HiO Gourmet Selection is continually seeking out new gourmet products and continue to add new products to the website when the products meet our standards. We do not have a catalog, as our website is updated daily. Printing catalogs that would be out of date the next day did not seem logical. 

 HiO Gourmet selection stands out with taste and it is here to guess your desires and preferences. We are sure we will see you often over here and personally wish ¡Buen provecho!